Roulette Glossary

The American Wheel consists of thirty-eight numbers; these include numbers from one to thirty-six, a zero and a 00 (double-zero).

A column Bet is one in which the player bets for a whole column – believing the winning number will fall into the chosen column. The roulette table has three such columns. The casino pays out two to one for the column bet.

A corner bet is when a player bets on four numbers at once. The payout for such bets is eight to one.

The person employed by the casino and operating the table is known as a croupier.

To bet that the winning number will fall within one of twelve numbers, players can place a dozen bet. The dozen bet is divided into three groups. From 1 – 12; 13 – 24; and 25 – 36. The payout for this bet is two to one.

The American roulette wheel has a double zero. This is an extra 00.

The European roulette has only one zero: 0

Players have the option of betting that the winning number will be either even or odd. This is known as the even or odd bet.

The five number bet covers the numbers: zero, double-zero, one, two and three. The payout for this bet is six to one.

The French wheel differs from the American one in that it contains only one zero.

A high bet covers the numbers from nineteen to thirty-six, while a low bet refers to the numbers one to eighteen.

There are 2 categories for betting. Inside-bets and outside-bets. The inside bets are all those bets where the chips are set down on the inner roulette table, while the outside bets are those where the chips are placed around the outer roulette table.

Players have the option of betting on either black or red colors. This bet pays out evenly.

Players can bet on six numbers at once. This is called the six-number bet. Alternatively, the split bet allows players to bet on two numbers at the same time.

The bet with the highest payout is the straight bet. This is when the player places his or her chips on a single number. The payout for the straight bet is thirty-five to one. This is often called a Straight Up Bet.

It is also possible to bet on three numbers at once. The trio bet pays out at a rate of eleven to one.

AllĀ  roulette wheels include the number zero.