Roulette Betting

Playing the game of Roulette is really very simple and straight forward. The wheel has a table layout in front of it, and around which the players sit. You are betting on numbers and combinations, which are the inside bets, and other bets around the numbers table, which are the outside bets. You have time to place your bets and to then sit and watch the wheel spin until it stops. The table has a minimum bet which you can play and there are many different types of bet that you can make and which are described below.

The outside bets which are those that are the bets around the table of numbers:

Red or Black. Each number is coloured either red or black. There are squares of red and of black and you place your bet on the colour of your choice. The bet on a colour is an even money bet. If you bet five dollars and your colour comes up, you win five dollars. There is a fifty fifty chance of your colour coming up. Bear in mind that you will be making a big mistake if you think that if five reds have come up that there is a better than 50% chance of the sixth spin being black.

Odds or Evens. As with the colour bet there are squares marked odds and another, evens. There are 36 numbers (the zeros not included), and once again, make your choice, it is an even money bet.

Low or High. There is an area designated for numbers 1 to 18, and one for numbers 19 to 36. Choose your number, place it in the appropriate box. The odds on a bet placed in one of these areas is again an even money bet.

Columns. The numbers on the table layout are in three columns. At the foot of each column is a box, and in it is written 2 to 1. Your bet is that one of the numbers in that column will come up. You bet $5 and you will win $10 if it comes up.

Dozens. The columns also have dividing lines which separate them in dozens. The boxes for these bets are on the side and are marked, 1st twelve (1 to 12), 2nd twelve, (13 to 24) and 3rd twelve (25 to 36). A bet in these boxes pays 2 to 1.

The inside bets. These are the numbers in the centre of the table layout.

The straight up bet. This is the simplest of all the bets. You choose a number, or numbers, from the 38 on the board which includes the zero and double zero, and place you bets on their squares. Your total bet must add up to at least the minimum table bet. The odds on this bet are 35 to 1.

The split bet. You can place a bet on the dividing line of two adjacent numbers. The odds on this bet are 17 to 1.

The street bet. This is a split bet but in this instance you choose a row of numbers and place your bet on the outside of that row. If you choose the numbers 4,5,6 , you place your chips on the outside edge of number 6. The odds for this bet are 11 to 1.

The corner bet. This bet is also a combination of numbers. You choose four adjoining numbers and place your chips on the corner where all four numbers meet. If any of the four numbers come up your odds are 8 to 1. This bet is sometimes referred to as a square bet.

The five number bet. It is called this because there is only one five number bet available on the table. This bet is placed on the corner of the intersection of 0 and 1. If zero, double zero, 1 or 2 or 3 come up, the odds are 6 to 1. This is a bet to probably avoid. It is the least attractive of all the roulette bets.