Online Roulette Tips And Tricks

There are people who play roulette and have a system. A system, or method of play that will ensure that they can beat the odds at the tables and be winners at the game. There are those who have studied the game and written books describing their system, books that you can buy.

They claim their system can overcome the laws of probability and chance. If there were to be such a system the casinos would have long gone bust. They are convinced that their systems do work and there are thousands of players out there ready to try these systems. All determined to break the bank and make a killing. They are easy prey.

Here is a case study. First of all it is a fact that the house edge is 5.25%. and so the casino stands to win 5.26% more of the table bets than it will lose. On some bets you can calculate your odds to be very favorable, in fact too favorable to be true. A bet on two columns on the same spin shows an odds advantage of 24-14. True, but also false.

You must look at the whole picture. You bet $12 on each column, your bet a total of $24. You win and you get paid $12. If the odds were 24 to 14, you should get paid $14. If you had lost the casino would have taken $24, but when you won you only got paid $12. You can see then that the casino’s payout for the winning bet is below the odds. It is this “payoff”, below the odds, that gains the house its advantage.

Looking at such an incomplete picture it is very easy to convince a person of the merits of such systems.

The Martindale system

This is a system many follow but it needs careful thought. It appears as a simple mathematical equation. It applies on “outside” bets where each bet is an even money bet and you have a fifty fifty chance. Let us assume you bet on red. If you lose, place another bet for twice the amount on red again. If you lose again, place another bet, again on red for double the previous amount bet. At some point if you have kept on doubling, you will win and recoup your loss and add an even money win on the original wager. All sounds very logical.

Now let us consider the downside. In the first place there is no absolute fifty-fifty bet. Be that as it may, the casino has anticipated this situation. They know the system and have anticipated it , and have put an upper limit on table bets. So, the last bet you have to make in your string of lost bets, to recover, could be over the table limit. Even if you are within the table limit, and you win, you might have had to bet a sum of say $320 to win $5, your original bet. Not good thinking and a serious flaw in the system.

Serious opinion says that all these systems that have been thought out, do not really do for you what they claim. They might work for a while but then the law of averages takes over and you are on a downward curve. One result they do achieve is to spread your money around multiple bets and make your money last longer. One fact you can’t escape is that the longer you are at the table the higher your chances are of losing. The Casino business is a very big business and you can be sure that they have covered every angle of the game.

Serious players who study every angle have noted that some roulette wheels are biased. Despite the accurate engineering in a wheel, constant use or some other factor of wear and tear may cause a bias in a wheel. This imperfection may be so small as to be almost undetectable but, it is there, and with very sophisticated equipment for measuring and a computer, it may be possible to measure the exact pattern of the wheel, and from this be able to record its performance and determine which number predominates.

With this knowledge the player could easily exploit this advantage over the Casino. To find such a wheel and monitor it is not a simple exercise and again do not for a minute think that the Casinos are unaware. They have themselves very sophisticated electronic security devices to detect such monitoring. In online casinos this phenomena also exists and there are software applications that can monitor these abnormalities in a wheel, but, know this, the online casino has the same software!

A great deal has been written and said about beating the game of roulette. Serious research on the subject by many a mathematician has yet to reveal a system to beat the wheel.